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A ReOrganization of my Gallery

Mon Jul 15, 2013, 4:41 PM

Please bear with me. I have been pretty busy for the last several months with a combination of my day job getting more intense and requiring me to be at work for longer stretches of time, and the fact that I just "officially" launched my freelance graphic design, marketing, copywriting/editing, and photography business, Dullahan Studios, which, for some odd reason, has actually caught a decent amount of local small-business attention. So, on top of my job, I've been meeting people for project consultation, giving estimates, and, yes, I've actually managed to land a few paying jobs....FINALLY!!! I'm pretty excited where this all going, but it's made me value my time away from the computer a lot more.

Being a young adult, as I am, this whole day job, freelance job setup has really got me thinking about what I want to do with myself going forward. A BA in Graphic Design, History, and German (K-State), and my more recent MPhil in Art History (Cambridge), hasn't served me too well on the full-time job market, as, before last September, all I seemed capable of landing were low-paying and "no-fun-at-all" part-time jobs. Now, I have a day job with health benefits, salaried wage, retirement plan, etc., so I'm latching onto it with my life, unwilling to give it up! However...there's a lot of other things I could picture myself doing better and enjoying more than spending close to 9 hours a day in client relations and correspondence services for the financial industry giants. I'd like to work in a field closely related to visual and written communications. The book publishing industry is slowly dying and giving way to a host of online publishing mediums, which doesn't bode well for finding a secure full-time career in the industry. But, there are other options. Fields like business communications, marketing, and public relations are all in semi-to-rapid growth phases, right now, and continue to be sources for secure employment.

I brand myself a creative, but I am also interested in business continuity. Working for a corporation or for "the man" doesn't scare me off; I know there's a lot of benefits to that, despite the negatives. My current job is not that bad, but I would like to delve just a little deeper into a little more creative field. That's where my passion and experience are, and, unfortunately, the longer I stay in the financial industry's corporate cubicle world (however nice my 5th floor, garden view, picture window view may be!), the less time I am spending gaining experience for the jobs I would rather have. So, in the end, I am kind of searching for a more or less lateral move that will put me closer to a creative field. Naturally, I refuse to jump at anything that would lack the benefits, security, and pay I have now. But, for me, now's the time to do it. It's not like I make a hefty salary or have rock-solid benefits or job security necessarily. I have a basic, just above entry-level full-time job. I'm hoping that with my degrees and now some general job experience, it won't be too difficult to find a good opportunity to move forward. Got any advice, let me know. I can use all the help I can get!   :)

You'll notice that I have been restructuring my gallery a bit. Over the next month or so, I'm going to be deleting images from my account here and reposting them. Sorry, I know this can be annoying, but I did a lot of restructuring of my workflow, file organization, tagging, and categorization on my harddrive. And, I would really like my posting here and on my other social networks to reflect these changes, as well. As I wrote at the beginning of this update, please bear with me. I know some of the groups I belong to are against this sort of thing, but I think many of my posts are old enough that they may not even notice. Plus, it'll be nice to be fully organized and properly labeled moving forward. I hope this is something that not just I will appreciate. But, if it is, we can all just chalk it up to my obsessive compulsive need for organizing, and just laugh about it someday, right. Anyhow, if there are any works that you have really enjoyed of mine that you don't necessarily want to lose (just in case), let me know. I can make sure to repost it or better yet, sent you the source file by email, if you like. Everything I post here, I consider open-source. Sure, I post things at web resolution, which makes it difficult to reproduce, but, to tell the truth, on any of the work I post here, if you shoot me a note with your email address, I'd be happy to share the source files of images you like. I'm not a copyright guru, nor do I care to limit what people can do with my work I post here. If I really am worried about copyright infringement on my work, I don't post it here or on many online sites. Copyrighted work of mine, where I worry about making sure I hold all right to it, is usually my more professional work or client work, I post things on here for fun, for ideas, and for feedback. That's my DA motto! 

Hope you are all having a fun and fascinating summer! It's been a mixture of humid and hot in KC, mostly unbearable outside, really. But, I have found a few opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. No major storms have come our way, so I may have to wait till next year to go storm chasing for photos, as the spring storm season is pretty much over and now it drought season; I may not see rain again for a little while :(  . And, my vacation isn't until October, so I still have a ways to go until I will have some time off to relax and travel. But, I'm still enjoying my time and will continue to work towards great things. Anyway, stay in touch and feel free to comment with any of your own updates or questions. Thanks!


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